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A new audio based social media platform that connects people through the intimacy of voice. SpeakApp enables people to express themselves better by allowing them to record and share audio in their own preferred language and style

Social Platfrm

SpeakApp gives you and your followers a social space to interact with each other. In SpeakApp you can use various features like Voice Notes, Story and Chat to share your thoughts and updates with your friends

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Record and Share your audio along with your images, videos and caption using various features of SpeakApp


Record story for upto 1 min and share it with your friends and followers. You can also attach an image or a video along with it. Your Stories will appear for 24 hrs before they disappear


Express yourself better by recording voice notes of any time duration. You can also add images, videos and caption along with it


Chat with your friends and followers on SpeakApp both in the voice as well as in the text format. You can also share your photos and videos with them in the chats

Frequently Asked

Sign In to SpeakApp using your mobile number. Verify your mobile number using the OTP sent on it and then set up your SpeakApp profile
Tap on the Story icon given on the home screen of the app and start recording. Once done, share the recorded story along with your photos and videos
Tap on the mic button on the home screen of the app and start recording. You may check and review the recorded audio if you wish to. You can also add Media and Caption along with it before sharing
Go to your profile and tap on the �Edit Profile� option. On that page you can add Bio, change your profile picture or even edit your name

About SpeakApp

SpeakApp is a Made in India audio-based social networking platform that connects people through the intimacy of Voice. The purpose of SpeakApp is to give users a social space where they can easily express themselves by sharing their thoughts and updates in the form of recorded audio

SpeakApp is a social audio platform that aims to connect people worldwide. While ideating SpeakApp, it was decided that it should be simple and easy to use. We made sure that sharing voice notes will be much easier than sharing media or text on any other platform

The value we live by

Our Vision

Today social media is a major communication platform for all of us and has also become an inevitable part of our day to day lives. It allows users to interact with their friends, followers and thousands of other people online more easily and efficiently than ever before. Our vision is to create social platforms where users, irrespective of their backgrounds, can easily create content and interact with each other

Our Mission

Empowering people to express themselves better by overcoming their language and technical barriers is our mission. SpeakApp is therefore an audio based social platform where one can easily share their thoughts and updates without any hindrance

Our Founders

Alen Abraham

Chief Executive Officer

Been building social platforms since 2011 and has worked on more than 10 social media products so far. He also loves to design new products

Jankar Rajpara

Chief Technology Officer

A technology guy with a product manager mindset. Led product development of more than 40 software products and 5 social media products